[Dxspider-support] Fw: CVS Update

Dirk Koopman G1TLH gb7tlh at dxcluster.org
Fri Feb 26 18:07:21 GMT 2010

Dirk Koopman G1TLH wrote:
> There are some words on the download page, but a summary is this (which 
> is not exactly the same as the words on the download page which I shall 
> need to revise accordingly):
> login as the sysop user
> git clone git://scm.dxcluster.org/scm/spider spider.new
> cp -a spider.new/.git spider
> cd spider
> git reset --hard
> cd ..
> rm -rf spider.new

I have modified the download page and that has the definitive 
instructions. I have also (finally) altered the link for usdbraw.gz to 
the new place (sorry pardon Mike).

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