[Dxspider-support] filtering and isolating

Brendan Minish ei6iz.brendan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 00:57:14 BST 2010

Hello all

with the 'new protocol' what has changed with regard to filtering
traffic between nodes? 

Hop control no longer seems to work as remember it used to and isolation
is perhaps too imprecise a tool to achieve what I am trying to do 

basically Node1 connects to node2 and node3 (all spider nodes )

Node1 gets spots and data from node2 and node3 
Spots, ANN,chat, network information etc should not pass or leak between
nodes2 and 3 
Spots, chat, talk and ann made locally on node1 are to be passed back to
node2 only 
users on node1 are visible to node2 and node3 

Brendan EI6IZ 

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