[Dxspider-support] problem after shutdown and restart once on powersupply

Michael A. Serowik maserowik at verizon.net
Fri Aug 5 20:35:37 BST 2011

I am unable to get the spider.cgi to work once I shutdown and place on a UPS
and then turned on again.

As you can see from the attached there appears to be some file corruption


root at dx-crawler:/spider/spider-web# locate spider.cgi


root at dx-crawler:/spider/spider-web# ls

beam.class        idleTime.class            README

beam.java         InfoDialog.class          setDate.class

Changes           InfoDialog.java           spiderclient.class

ding.au           IntTextField.java         spiderclient.java

dxannounce.class  makefile                  spiderframe.class

dxannounce.java   MultiLineLabel.class      spiderframe.java

Format.class      MultiLineLabel.java       spider.old

Format.java       PersonalPreferences.java  StreamListener.class

root at dx-crawler:/spider/spider-web# cd  /usr/lib/cgi-bin

root at dx-crawler:/usr/lib/cgi-bin# ls

spider.cgi  webcluster

root at dx-crawler:/usr/lib/cgi-bin#




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