[Dxspider-support] ubuntu server 11.04

Michael A. Serowik maserowik at verizon.net
Wed Aug 10 02:14:33 BST 2011

I am still having a issue with mrtg and ubuntu 11.04.  I am really not sure
where or what I need to go to get this last step working. 

Any suggestions.





sysop at DX-Crawler:~$ pwd


sysop at DX-Crawler:~$ cd /spider/html/mrtg

sysop at DX-Crawler:~/html/mrtg$ indexmaker --output stats.html --columns=1
--title "MRTG Statistics for N3BSQ-1" /etc/mrtg.cfg

Use of uninitialized value $first in hash element at /usr/bin/indexmaker
line 353.

sysop at DX-Crawler:~/html/mrtg$

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