[Dxspider-support] IPV6 hangs

Mike McCarthy, W1NR lists at w1nr.net
Mon Aug 15 10:10:53 BST 2011

That timeout doesn't seem to have any effect on the problem I am seeing.
If I try to connect to a node via IPv6 and it does not answer, the
entire cluster comes to a stop for 2-3 minutes. And, if it is in
crontab, it does it over and over until the node is reachable once again.

Mike, W1NR

On 08/14/2011 11:15 AM, Howard Leadmon wrote:
>    Hello Mike,
>  I have been running dual stack IPv6 for a while now, without incident.   I
> do recall reading something about making sure I had a shorter timeout set,
> so my IPv6 connects run a script like this:
> timeout 15
> abort (Busy|Sorry|Fail)
> connect telnet {address} 7300
> 'login' 'wb3ffv-2'
> Where {address} is the IPv6 address.    Speaking of IPv6, as I know not many
> are running it yet, would you like to connect with each other??    Always
> looking for additional IPv6 users to connect with here...
> 73's de WB3FFV
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> Howard Leadmon - howard at leadmon.net
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> I have noticed an issue with IPV6 cluster connects. If the target node is
> unavailable, the entire cluster hangs until the connect attempt times out. I
> have had to disable IPv6 on my cluster to prevent the problem.
> Mike, W1NR
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