[Dxspider-support] Fw: new important message

Dave Trainor dave at n8zfm.com
Mon Feb 22 16:57:59 GMT 2016

I once again have to apologize to the list for this,  it did not come from my server but someone spoofing my domain and e-mail.  Apparently from somewhere in Turkey.
I have today instituted DMARC fraud protection, and already had in place SPF records.  Obviously the SPF was not working well enough and I hope DMARC does better.
Sorry for the SPAM, people need to get a life and quit this crap.

73 – Dave N8ZFM – really me on this e-mail.

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Subject: [Dxspider-support] Fw: new important message


New message, please read http://thepreachersmind.com/probably.php<http://thepreachersmind.com/probably.php?hd>

dave at n8zfm.com<mailto:dave at n8zfm.com>

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