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Steve - AA4U aa4u at mchsi.com
Sun Feb 28 15:33:16 GMT 2016

I vaguely recall seeing a message a few months ago discussing AK1A nodes, and the likelihood they are extinct... or maybe it was about "RF" nodes in general.
The reason I mention this... one of my partners is an AK1A node, and no matter what I do can't get him to show-up as anything other than a Spider node.
I tried 'set/user callsign', then 'set/node callsign' several times. Each time it's like I had typed 'set/spider callsign'. This partner node has been connected for 10+ years, not anything new on my end. It even shows Spider using the 'stat/user' or 'sh/node' commands. Perhaps due to a recent DXSpider software update? Running the latest cluster revision (.166) under MS Windows. Any ideas?
73, Steve - AA4U

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