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Steve - AA4U aa4u at mchsi.com
Sun Feb 28 20:18:34 GMT 2016

I appreciate the link to the wiki files. However, it's not my lack of understanding (or perhaps it is) on setting up partner nodes. I've been running DXSpider for almost 15 years now. It appears something 'else' might have changed... or my age !!
To amplify, this AK1A partner node is not connected via RF... but through the internet using WinTelnetX on the other end. AFAIK this node has always shown up as 'AK1A' and not as 'Spider' until recently. Does anyone else connect to AK1A? What does it show as node type using either SH/NODE or STAT/USER (callsign) command?
73, Steve - AA4U

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Mike, WA9PIE
On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 9:33 AM, Steve - AA4U <aa4u at mchsi.com> wrote:
I vaguely recall seeing a message a few months ago discussing AK1A nodes, and the likelihood they are extinct... or maybe it was about "RF" nodes in general.
The reason I mention this... one of my partners is an AK1A node, and no matter what I do can't get him to show-up as anything other than a Spider node.
I tried 'set/user callsign', then 'set/node callsign' several times. Each time it's like I had typed 'set/spider callsign'. This partner node has been connected for 10+ years, not anything new on my end. It even shows Spider using the 'stat/user' or 'sh/node' commands. Perhaps due to a recent DXSpider software update? Running the latest cluster revision (.166) under MS Windows. Any ideas?
73, Steve - AA4U

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