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Bernard Pidoux f6bvp at free.fr
Tue Aug 28 11:49:50 CEST 2018

Hi Tom,

My is on HAMNET (High Speed Data Network) address is 
accessible exclusively via radio, with some exceptions via backbones.

(BTW there ws a typo on my previous post and 178 was wrongly written 
instead of 168).

Thus, Dxspider F6BVP-3 (through HAMNET) is at on standard 
port 7300


Le 28/08/2018 à 09:08, sp2l via Dxspider-support a écrit :
> Hello Bernard.
> I can _NOT_ reach
> Tried from 44.165/16 44.137.40/24 and 44.139/16 networks.
> But this one is O.K.: http://f6bvp.org/webcluster.pl
> Best regards.
> Tom – SP2L

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