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Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Thu Jan 31 00:05:56 CET 2019

Yes, it is the country number in wpxloc.raw.

This is a historical artefact from the original PacketCluster software 
Dick Newell, AK1A which first appeared in ~1985. For some reason, even 
in 1997 when I started writing DXSpider, there was no _definitive_ 
country number - I spent some time trying get some entity to admit to 
having a definitive and, above all, permanently fixed country number 
that would never change nor be repurposed for some other country.

So the PacketCluster master prefix list was the only place where this 
occured. By default then, this is why Jim Reisert AD1C continues 
(painstakingly) maintaining this file.

73 Dirk

On 30/01/2019 19:03, Rob Roschewsk via Dxspider-support wrote:
> I really tried to find this data myself ... but my google-fu just 
> isn't doing it today .....
> for the daily data files in the spot directory .... i've figured this 
> much out ...
> 14279.3^VE2MAM^1548873720^^KE0JHC^197^226^AE5E^4^5^7^4^^MN^
> I'm coming up short on the fields with the question marks .... 
> specifically in the example 197^226
> I suspect it's a country id ... but it's not lining up with the DXCC 
> list .... What are those numbers??? Is there another country list?
> Thanks!!
> de ka2pbt
> --> Rob
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