[Dxspider-support] Latest Version ?

Iain Philipps iain at sms.xerox.com
Mon Jun 4 04:23:30 BST 2001


>         Can anyone confirm when the 1.48.tar.gz tarball is going to
> be available from the download area. It appears stuck at 1.47a
> though 1.48 is in use around the UK (by CVS presumeably
> which I haven't got).

You no longer {strictly} need CVS to keep up with the "interim" developments
(and 1.48 is still regarded - by me, anyhow - as interim :-).

Just point your browser at:-


The machine automagically refreshes that every night, so you can get to the
{almost} current CVS state without having CVS.

Regards     -     Iain

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