[Dxspider-support] Latest Version ?

g3orh g3orh at ic24.net
Mon Jun 4 17:23:18 BST 2001

> You no longer {strictly} need CVS to keep up with the "interim"
> (and 1.48 is still regarded - by me, anyhow - as interim :-).
> Just point your browser at:-
> http://www.dxcluster.org/download/CVSlatest.tgz

                Thanks Ian but I will take it as advised if you regard it
(1.48) as an interim version. 1.47a is behaving with an even number of
databases so I am happy with it. However I will investigate CVSlatest to get
the picture.

- Colin   (73's)
- g3orh at ic24.net

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