[Dxspider-support] This is not a good way to get started!?

Jim redhat at kc4hw.net
Sun Jun 10 01:17:46 BST 2001

Well I have a new 7.1 Redhat installation and want to install DX-Spider.

The installation page indicates that one needs the following installed
before proceeding..  I could not find
Data-Dumper-2.101.tar.gz on CPAN.  The search did not turn up any
reference to it.

Since IO-1.20.tar.gz is for Perl 5.004 or lower and I have 5.6 then it
is not necessary?

Additionally, I could not get Time-HiRes-01.20.tar.gz to behave properly
"tar xfz Time-HiRes-01.20.tar.gz"  I kept getting an error indicating
that the "Not in
GZIP Format"

Anyone got any suggestions?


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