[Dxspider-support] More Questions?

Jim redhat at kc4hw.net
Mon Jun 11 01:08:00 BST 2001

    Do you have to have AX25_Util installed to just support telnet

> connections?  I don't really anticipate having user connects on AX25.
> I
> may have a nullmodem connection to an AK1A PacketCluster node later...
> I don't know yet!  Anyway, I have not installed AX25_Util.
> Issuing sysop command
> $ ./create_sysop.pl
> returns the following error message..
> can't open user file: /spider/data/users.v2 (Permission denied) at
> ./create_sysop.pl line 104
> Can't call method "writeunix" on an undefined value at DXDebug.pm line
> 62.
> Well, I really screwed up.  The first time I issued the
> create_sysop.pl
> was as root.  When I issued the command as root, everything seem to
> work
> fine but I discovered my error, so I deleted the directories "local"
> and
> "local_cmd" as root and then logged in as "sysop" and started from the
> point in the installation instruction 1.4 "Setting Callsigns Etc" as
> sysop and input the commands  and remade the directories and etc.
> Also in editing DXVars.pm I don't have a BBS address.  Is it OK to
> change the "g......" address to "" a null address?
> Any help--Thanks!
> Jim/KC4HW

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