[Dxspider-support] This is not a good way to get started!?

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Sun Jun 10 12:26:32 BST 2001

On 09 Jun 2001 20:17:46 -0400, Jim wrote:
> Well I have a new 7.1 Redhat installation and want to install DX-Spider.
> The installation page indicates that one needs the following installed
> before proceeding..  I could not find
> Data-Dumper-2.101.tar.gz on CPAN.  The search did not turn up any
> reference to it.

The documentation is only barely keeping up with developments (and not
just mine).

perl 5.6.0 with 7.1 doesn't need AFAIK data_dumper (it has it).
> Since IO-1.20.tar.gz is for Perl 5.004 or lower and I have 5.6 then it
> is not necessary?

> Additionally, I could not get Time-HiRes-01.20.tar.gz to behave properly
> with
> "tar xfz Time-HiRes-01.20.tar.gz"  I kept getting an error indicating
> that the "Not in
> GZIP Format"

Did you download this with your browser? If so then it tar xf Time....
may well work for you (browsers have a nasty tendency to unzip stuff on
the fly).

> Anyone got any suggestions?

Personally, I always install CPAN.

perl -MCPAN -eshell

It will ask some initialisation questions, the only ones you have to put
anything for are the numbers for the locations of the CPAN archives you
wish to use. For the rest of the questions, just take the defaults.

After installation, at the prompt type:

cpan> install Time::HiRes

and it will only do an update if it requires it, it will do all the
downloading, making, installing for you.

cpan> install Date::Parse
cpan> install Net::Telnet  (this probably isn't required anymore)
cpan> install Curses
cpan> install Data::Dumper

I probably need to change the documentation to use the
http:://search.cpan.org site. If you go there and search for the above
module names (ie with the :: in the middle) it will give you the latest
versions and you can download them from there.

Hope this helps.

Dirk G1TLH

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