[Dxspider-support] Privilege and password

g3orh g3orh at ic24.net
Wed Jun 13 15:53:13 BST 2001

     Spider 1.47a Temporary assigned callsign g3orh-9

Can someone explain the baycom password format p l e a s e !

I (g3orh) have access to spider with up to 4 ssid's. One , g3orh-8 has been
given privilege level 5. A password (simple 5 letter word) has been assigned
temporarily. I log in as g3orh-8 (no password is asked for) I try a command
(say rcmd/gb7pdx sh/u for instance). I am not prompted for a password yet I
am effectively a user (with privileges) and am told  "Not allowed".

               Why no request for a password on login <or>
               Why no request to enter password to enable <cmd>

I don't possess a baycom so I have no idea what all these numbers are for.
BPQ I understand (numbers relate to the letters of the password in numerical
order) but what the heck is the 0 (zero). for.  ( I guess it's simple but
then so am I  as it's baffling me ).

- Colin   (73's)
- g3orh at ic24.net

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