[Dxspider-support] Privilege and password

g3orh g3orh at ic24.net
Thu Jun 14 06:21:30 BST 2001

OK Arnold.
                   So it is similar to the BPQ method then except that the
first letter starts as zero. The problem comes when my remote sysop logs in.
If he reclaims his permissions after logging in with perms 0 , does the
system automatically prompt him for his assigned password (or mine) or does
it think I am logging in under a different call (which could very well be
the case under certain circumstances). I have to get this right as he (or I
remote) will have total control to shutdown and reboot level. (Even though
it is recommended this is not given , it has to be so).

I have left this reply as directed to topic as others 'may' be interested.
- Colin   (73's)
- g3orh at ic24.net

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