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Jim Johnson jim at kc4hw.net
Tue Jun 19 01:08:11 BST 2001

Hello Dirk!

On 16 Jun 01, at 13:45, Dirk Koopman wrote:

> On 14 Jun 2001 06:57:18 -0400, Jim wrote:
> > First of all--Thanks for all that replied to my request for help!
> > 
> > The node is running, but I could not get a sysop login on the client. Got
> > user login fine.    Anyway, I am sure that I must have overlooked
> > something else and will check first.
> > 
> > Once again, thanks and 73!
> > 
> Are you sure that the ownership of all the files in the spider directory
> are correct?
> ls -l 

All the files are owned/group by sysop. 

> will tell you. 
> Please check that cluster.pl is running as the correct user (ie the
> 'sysop' user [or which ever username you are using]). You can do this
> with 'top' or 'ps aux'. IT MUST NOT RUN AS 'root' (I should put in a
> check for this I think).

I used sysop!

> To make sure that everything is right do the following (I assume you are
> user the username 'sysop', if not substitute 'sysop' for the correct
> username):-
> stop the node
> login or su as 'root'
> cd /spider
> chown -R sysop.sysop .
> find . -type d -exec chmod 02775 {} \;
> ln -s /spider/perl/console.pl /usr/bin/dx
> ln -s /spider/perl/*dbg /usr/bin

Input these command with no information presented after excution.

> login as 'sysop'
> cd /spider/perl
> ./update_sysop.pl
This command showed the deletion and additional of the MYCALL and 

> restart the node
> you should now be able to type in:-
> dx
When the node starts...."ofgt we...." there is no other prompt presented, 
but occassionally there is in a entry made about "queue msg (0)"  I 
entered "dx" and don't get any indication that anything is happening.

I did do a ./client KC4HW login and can post DX Spot, inquiry DX, etc.

Also, I tried the same ./client KC4HW-2 and got a PC18.... don't 
remember exactly what other information was presented, but an 
indicated that the node was trying to connect to another...  I don't 
remember handing any of the installation files this call with ssid.  (My 
forgettor is a whole lot better than my remember anymore!  hi hi)

> and get a sysop console 

No sysop console, that I can recognize...

> Please report back on progress.
My apologizes for being so much trouble.  Normally I am pretty good at 
installing packages... MySQL, PHP, Apache from scratch.  By the way, 
I am running Redhat 7.1 workstation...

Jim Johnson, Melbourne, Florida
jim at kc4hw.net - http://www.kc4hw.net
DXPacketCluster RF Connection: 144.97

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