[Dxspider-support] Telnet Connection?

Ian J Maude ianmaude at btinternet.com
Wed Jun 20 18:04:44 BST 2001

On 19 Jun 2001 19:17:42 -0400, Jim Johnson wrote:

> connect 5: timeout set to 60
> connect 5: timeout set to 15
> CONNECT 5 sort: telnet command: w4lee.lee.k12.al.us
> Connected 5 to w4lee.lee.k12.al.us 23
> -> D KC4HW-2 connection to W4LEE started
> -> D KC4HW-2 KC4HW-2 de KC4HW 19-Jun-2001 2258Z >
> connect 5: Connected to:
> %0D
> Welcome to the W4LEE AR-Cluster node Telnet port!%0D
> Please enter your call: 
> connect 5: expecting: "login" received: "Connected 
> to:
> %0D
    Well the obvious thing that springs to mind is that the cluster is
    sending you "Please enter your call:" when you are actually waiting
    for "login:" in your script.  Change this in your script and you
    should then be able to login.  At this point it does nto matter
    whether you are set as a cluster or not as you are not actually
    logging in.


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