[Dxspider-support] Telnet Connection?

GU6EFB keith at gtonline.net
Wed Jun 20 20:37:01 BST 2001

Have you asked the sysop of the node you are connecting to set you up as a
cluster and not a user
When you connect and are recognised as a cluster making the connect you will
be sent PC18^ along with other information about
The cluster you are connecting to

At the moment the cluster you are connecting only knows you as a user

73 Keith

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OK, well Colin/G3ORH helped me with the console
connection.  It is working now.  So here is the
output from the node:
DXSpider Version 1.47, build 49.287 started
Copyright (c) 1998-2001 Dirk Koopman G1TLH
loading prefixes ...
loading band data ...
loading user file system ...
starting listeners ...
Internal port: localhost 27754
External Port: 7300
External Port: 8000
load badwords: Ok
reading in duplicate spot and WWV info ...
DXChannel KC4HW created (1)
reading existing message headers ...
load badmsg: Ok
load forward: Ok
load swop: Ok
@msg = 1 before delete
@msg = 1 after delete
reading cron jobs ...
cron: reading /spider/cmd/crontab
cron: adding 1 0 * * 0
reading database descriptors ...
doing local initialisation ...
orft we jolly well go ...
queue msg (0)
This looks like the node is running... and the
following is the console connection.
DXChannel KC4HW-2 created (2)
<- A KC4HW-2 local
-> D KC4HW-2 Hello Jim, this is KC4HW in Melbourne,
-> D KC4HW-2 running DXSpider V1.47 build 49.287
KC4HW-2 channel func  state 0 -> prompt
-> D KC4HW-2 Cluster: 1 nodes, 1 local / 1 total
users  Max users 2  Uptime 0 00:00
-> D KC4HW-2 KC4HW-2 de KC4HW 19-Jun-2001 2258Z >
<- I KC4HW-2 set/page 500
-> D KC4HW-2 Page Length is now 500
-> D KC4HW-2 KC4HW-2 de KC4HW 19-Jun-2001 2258Z >
<- I KC4HW-2 set/nobeep
-> D KC4HW-2 Beeps are now off
-> D KC4HW-2 KC4HW-2 de KC4HW 19-Jun-2001 2258Z >
I have created, using the examples provided in the
distribution, a telnet connect script for W4LEE.
There are somethings that the script does not like
about this connection.  I have defined the set/arc
W4LEE and I am in the node list at W4LEE.  Anyone
help here?? or a sample that they are using with an
AR-Cluster node??
<- I KC4HW-2 connect w4lee
connect 5: timeout set to 60
connect 5: timeout set to 15
CONNECT 5 sort: telnet command: w4lee.lee.k12.al.us
Connected 5 to w4lee.lee.k12.al.us 23
-> D KC4HW-2 connection to W4LEE started
-> D KC4HW-2 KC4HW-2 de KC4HW 19-Jun-2001 2258Z >
connect 5: Connected to:
Welcome to the W4LEE AR-Cluster node Telnet port!%0D
Please enter your call:
connect 5: expecting: "login" received: "Connected
Welcome to the W4LEE AR-Cluster node Telnet port!%0D
Please enter your call: "
connect 5: timed out after 15 seconds

Again thanks for any help!

Jim Johnson, Melbourne, Florida
jim at kc4hw.net - http://www.kc4hw.net
DXPacketCluster RF Connection: 144.97

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