[Dxspider-support] baddx, badspotter and badnode ?

Rene Olsen rene_olsen at post3.tele.dk
Wed Jun 26 22:22:13 BST 2002


I have had some problems figuring this out, but I think I finally got it working. But I think 
there is an error somewhere.

As default I only had the "badw_regex" and "badword" files.

I do NOT have the "baddx", "badnode" and "badspotter" files, since I have never used 
those commands before.

But now I wanted to use them and the problems started.

I first did a "set/baddx xx0xx" and it worked OK. The file "baddx" was created.

I then did a "set/badnode zz0zz" and the data was added to the "baddx" file. The new 
file "badnode" was NOT created..

I then did a "set/badspotter yy0yy" and the data was again added to the "baddx" file. 
The new file "badspotter" was NOT created.

I then shut down spider and manually created the two files "badspotter" and "badnode".

And now all seems to be working.

It seems like if the files does not exist, they are not created when the command is used 
the first time. However the "baddx" file WAS created the first time I used the 
"set/baddx" command.

Am I supposed to manually create those missing files or is there a glitch ?

Running the newest CVS btw.

Vy 73 de Rene / OZ1LQH

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