[Dxspider-support] baddx, badspotter and badnode ?

Colin Harris charis.g3orh at virgin.net
Thu Jun 27 09:22:35 BST 2002

Hi Rene,

               I have used a total of 6 upgrades on my test
node (gb7orh) and found that all three (set/baddx /
set/badnode / set/badspotter plus the restorative unset
command) always worked. Just tried it with ver 1.50 build
56.973 and it all works for me. No files had to be setup
manually. Possibly a "local" problem Rene ?

- Regards Colin

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Subject: [Dxspider-support] baddx, badspotter and badnode ?

> Hi.
> I have had some problems figuring this out, but I think I
finally got it working. But I think
> there is an error somewhere.
> As default I only had the "badw_regex" and "badword"
> I do NOT have the "baddx", "badnode" and "badspotter"
files, since I have never used
> those commands before.
> But now I wanted to use them and the problems started.
> I first did a "set/baddx xx0xx" and it worked OK. The file
"baddx" was created.
> I then did a "set/badnode zz0zz" and the data was added to
the "baddx" file. The new
> file "badnode" was NOT created..
> I then did a "set/badspotter yy0yy" and the data was again
added to the "baddx" file.
> The new file "badspotter" was NOT created.
> I then shut down spider and manually created the two files
"badspotter" and "badnode".
> And now all seems to be working.
> It seems like if the files does not exist, they are not
created when the command is used
> the first time. However the "baddx" file WAS created the
first time I used the
> "set/baddx" command.
> Am I supposed to manually create those missing files or is
there a glitch ?
> Running the newest CVS btw.
> Vy 73 de Rene / OZ1LQH
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