R: [Dxspider-support] Missing ssid

IW5DEZ iw5dez at supereva.it
Thu Jun 27 19:04:46 BST 2002

Hi OM,
I'm IW5DEZ Leonardo and I've installed v1.49 on I5YDO-6 (I'm co-sysop with
Giovanni) and everything goes well. AGW run really fast and with no problems
at all. I work on a Celeron with Win2000Pro on it. I think that Win9x
version are not so good for perl usage with AGW...

73s de IW5DEZ Leonardo

iw5dez at supereva.it

ps sei il primo sysop italiano che usa spider che io conosca...
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  I have just downloaded the latest CVS release but I have a problem when
  I2ELJ-6 connects IK2EKY-6
  The AGWMSG.PM has this instructions
  my $c = $1;
       my $s = $2;
       $s = 15 - $s;
       if ($s <= 8 && $s > 0) {
        $call = "${c}-${s}";

  $2 is 6 and 15-6 is 9 so I miss the ssid and I2ELJ is not a node but a
normal user.
  It should be enough to correct the 8 in a 9?
  Erminio I2EOW sysop of IK2EKY-6
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