[Dxspider-support] HELP!!!!!!!!

David Tausworthe tausworthe at ev1.net
Wed Oct 9 06:21:34 BST 2002

Hello group!  DE W5DAV From Houston texas

Quick history.  I ran the DXCluster W5DAV-2 for about 1 1/2 years for
our area here in Texas.  I just donated the server to our Club -
K5PLD.  We are in the process of making changes to the system.

Okay now that that is out of the way....
	1 - The Ax25 link is up and running.  No problems there
	2 - Somehow, someway, we have done something to the system.  I'll be
dang if we can find out what we did.  Here's what happens when we run
the Dxcluster on the Redhat 6.1 DXSpider version 1.49, build 56.948
	The Server comes up perfectly.  we get the "Oft we goooo..."..

[sysop at k5pld sysop]$ cd /spider/perl
[sysop at k5pld perl]$ ./cluster.pl
Copyright (c) 1998-2002 Dirk Koopman G1TLH
DXSpider Version 1.49, build 56.948 started
loading prefixes ...
loading band data ...
loading user file system ...
starting listeners ...
Internal port: localhost 27755
External Port: 8000
load badwords: Ok
reading in duplicate spot and WWV info ...
DXChannel K5PLD-2 created (1)
reading existing message headers ...
load badmsg: Ok
load forward: Ok
load swop: Ok
reading cron jobs ...
cron: reading /spider/cmd/crontab
cron: adding 1 0 * * 0 DXUser::export("$main::data/user_asc")
cron: adding 5 0 * * * DXDebug::dbgclean()
cron: adding 0 3 * * * Spot::daily()
cron: reading /spider/local_cmd/crontab
cron: adding 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * start_connect('ab5k') unless
cron: adding 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * start_connect('w5bv') unless
cron: adding 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * start_connect('n5jv') unless
cron: adding 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * start_connect('n5qje') unless
reading database descriptors ...
doing local initialisation ...
orft we jolly well go ...
cron: 50 4 9 10 3 -> doing 'start_connect('ab5k') unless
connect 3: timeout set to 60
CONNECT 3 sort: telnet command: dxc.ab5k.net
Connected 3 to dxc.ab5k.net 23


But... when we try to connect to the server we get the following
	[sysop at k5pld src]$ ./client login telnet
	Error on connect to localhost port 27754 (101)

sysop at k5pld src]$ dx

Currently, PLDDXC is Offline...Please connect back at a later time.

Thank you

I have checked and rechecked all parameters I know to check.  I just
do not know where to go from here.

# the tcp address of the cluster this can be an address of an
ethernet port
# but this is more secure. For normal use this will be fine.
$clusteraddr = "localhost";

# the port number of the cluster (just leave this, unless it REALLY
matters to you)
$clusterport = 27755;

package main;

use vars qw(@listen);

@listen = (
                   ["", 8000],



If anyone could assists us in getting our Club Dxcluster Back online,
it would deeply appreciated.  Any and all ideas are WELCOMED!!!

Thank you again Dirk for such a great system.
Until then America

David Tausworthe
Pearland Amateur Club, Pearland Texas USA

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