[Dxspider-support] [Fwd: spider 1.50]

f6ggy_victor f6ggy at tiscali.fr
Thu Oct 17 11:14:51 BST 2002

73 qro

ok Dirk

i find a manual html installation


my partenaire link cluster is f4cep-3

system dxnet


 like section 4.5 of manual
 i do

set/dxnet  f4cep-3


my axports of connection is   3

and  node reapeater    f6ggy-4 f4cep

-resume for connect a cluster partenaire

in my previous dxnet version
is  C  F4CEP-3 F6GGY-4 F4CEP

in your opinion, what is a configuration of connection scripts
i not understand a file connection script exemple of manual

than you victor f6ggy

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