[Dxspider-support] Problem w/ Spider and Perl 5.8.0

Jorge Matias martin at andorinha.ist.utl.pt
Fri Oct 18 15:54:48 BST 2002

  Hello all,

  Because of a hardware problem in my server I took the oportunity of
being offline to upgrade from RedHat to Debian. I am now using Debian
  The problem is that DXSpider, running with Perl 5.8.0 (was 5.6.0 before)
has lots of warnings in every perl file:

Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at /spider/perl/Spot.pm line 272,
<GEN690879> line 1801
 at (eval 180964) line 29

  This warning appears in EVERY perl file during DXSpider startup and
during normal working.
  Most of times is coincident with a line that every file has:

$BRANCH = sprintf( "%d.%03d, ...

  ...but not always.

  Apart of these warnings it appears to be working well.
  BTW, I'm still using DXSpider 1.49. I have not updated yet because I
don't know if the currently CVS version is stable.
  Anyone else has this problem?

Jorge Matias

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