[Dxspider-support] ax25 agw exempel ?

Andreas Goldenbogen A.Goldenbogen at t-online.de
Wed Oct 23 23:57:29 BST 2002

hello users,

search for a simpel windows server connect exempel for spider connect

via agw or x-net .

have set all the the bridges for agw in spider.

spider works very fine in telnet, but how can i socket to 

agw or x-net under windows 98 (2000)

for exempel:

my agw terminal callsign is dl5cg-1

the next node in ax25 is db0hgw, then node db0hro, from there clx cluster is db0hro-6.

how is the best way to realize the stream ?

other nodes like bpq are welcome, too. importend is, it works !

73 es many thanks for the help

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