[Dxspider-support] Still doing something wrong with prefixes

Dave Hawes dave.n3rd at comcast.net
Fri Oct 25 21:03:02 BST 2002

Trying here to master editing the prefix data.  For example, 
KH6ND shows up in the US, but he is in KH6.

I did the following:

1. Edited KH6ND from the file RSGB.CTY, and saved.  (This is 
where KH6ND was being mapped to USA.)
2. cd \spider\perl
3. perl create_prefix.pl (Computer thinks for a moment.)
4. cd \spider\data  Checked and sure enough there is a new 
file prefix_data.pl, freshly made.
5. Back to Spider's command line as sysop:  LOAD/PREFIXES
6. SH/H KH6ND still shows him in the US.  Snippet from log 

Q:  What am I doing wrong?

^<- I N3RD load/prefix
^-> D N3RD Operation successful
^-> D N3RD N3RD de W3FRC 25-Oct-2002 1928Z >
^<- I N3RD sh/h kh6nd
^-> D N3RD KH6ND United-States-W: 291 degs - dist: 666 mi, 
1073 km Reciprocal heading: 103 degs
^-> D N3RD N3RD de W3FRC 25-Oct-2002 1928Z >

73 - Dave N3RD
Sysop W3FRC, Philadelphia, PA

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