[Dxspider-support] Strange problems in cluster.smsdx.net 8000

Leonardo Lastrucci l.lastrucci at dada.it
Fri Sep 6 17:22:07 BST 2002

Jaime Robles wrote:

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>Hello all!
>Today i have received an email from on1afn telling me that there is a problem 
>with my node.
>I have tested it and he is right... there is a problem with new users in the 
>node as the connection seems to not-complete opened...
>If you have some mintutes and you can telnet the node 
>(telnet://cluster.smsdx.net:8000) maybe you can tell me what is happening as 
>you can use the node "normally" the welcome msg is always sent.... strange 
>Many thanks to all!
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>Un saludo,
>	Jaime Robles, EA4TV
>	jaime at robles.nu
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I've tried to connect your link but any telnet program (in Win and in 
Linux) can access to the site.

I have no way, at now, to investigate. Later, when I came back from 

73s de IW5DEZ Leonardo

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