[Dxspider-support] QRZ

Frank Hurlbut kl7fh at gci.net
Fri Sep 6 19:21:32 BST 2002

I am having problems with the QRZ.com ...I sent this
KL7FH de KL7G  6-Sep-2002 1819Z >
sh/qrz kl7y
qrz.com: KL7Y not found
KL7FH de KL7G  6-Sep-2002 1819Z >

I checked the files and everything is the same..has qrz changed anything?
I am running..
Hello Frank, this is KL7G in Anchorage, Alaska
running DXSpider V1.49 build 56.887

the username and password are the same as before..any ideas?

73 Frank KL7FH sysop KL7G port 8000
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