[Dxspider-support] If there is a "Wish List"

Filip Jonckers fjonckers at Interconnect.be
Sat Sep 21 17:15:53 BST 2002

> > Would be nice if SHow/NODES could give a list of nodes that 
> you have 
> > put
> > in, and
> > what kind of a node (ar, ak1a, spider, etc) it is.
> > SHow/NODES AR     all the ar nodes
> > SHow/NODES AK1A all the ak1a nodes      etc, etc, etc
> > 
> This could be done, but is it really interesting? I can't 
> remember the last time I did a SH/NODES. Afterall, getting 
> upwards of a 1000 nodes on-line the result is  information overload.


what would be a nice-to-have is the SH/NODE output showing also
the not connected nodes that have been defined.
I have 10 partner nodes defined (with set/clx set/spider ...)
but only 7 are always connected..
I only see the 7 connected, but not the other nodes
(if I even remember them)
or if you made a typing error in a call with the set/spider command ..
you can also see then which nodes are connected and which are not (link

btw... Do you have a document explaining the client protocol ?
I assume it's the protocol that console.pl is using ?
I want to link a database to the cluster - this would be the way to do
it - instead of a "stupid" telnet connection.

Thanks for your hard work!

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