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Hank Kohl K8DD k8dd at arrl.net
Mon Sep 23 01:06:15 BST 2002

At 9/21/2002 02:07 PM +0100, Dirk Koopman wrote:
>These are not new ...
>I will discuss some of the issues...
>On Sat, 2002-09-21 at 02:17, Hank Kohl K8DD wrote:
> > If there is .....
> >
> > DX spots come down the screen - oldest at the top and newest at the bottom.
> > SHow/DX is newest at the top and oldest at the bottom.
> > Can SHow/DX put the oldest at the top and newest at the bottom.
> >        I think it would help with NA and CT packet windows.
>Not certain it will help NA and CT as they are designed (I presume) for
>standard behaviour. However a flag could be created which determines the
>order in which things like DIR, SH/DX etc display their output.
>Is one flag enough? Because you will notice the DIR outputs stuff in the
>opposite way to SH/DX and friends.

My primary thought was that SH/DX should be in the same chronological order 
as DX spots coming down the page.

I noticed the DIR outputs down chronologically - the way I'd think it would.

If it were a flag, I'd like to see it as a default_user or default_node flag.

> >
> > Same for SHow/WWV & WCY
> >
> > DX spots beep but Talk's don't.
> > Can Talk's do a double beep?
>Not easily from the cluster nodes point of view.

Add 2 CTRL-G's to the TALK single line message.  But not the TALK mode 

>This is really a client
>issue. If someone (not me) wants to write a better client, there is a
>very simple protocol between client and node which I will be happy to
>document and (if necessary) extend.
> >        Announcements (EU Talk) can remain silent!
> >
>acc/ann by_zone 4,5,6

I meant silent as in no beep!  It was a subtle comment about some of the EU 
stations who use ANNounce FULL as  talk messages to other stations!  And 
that's why my users do set the announce filter!

> > When I'm connected to a node that sends all spots - from all over the 
> world -
> > I do a     SEt/FILTer node_default by_dxcc w,xe,ve,kp,kl
> > and        SEt/FILTer user_default by_dxcc w,xe,ve,kp,kl
> > it works fine .... users don't get spots outside of North America .... 
> but when
>acc/spots xxxx_default by_zone 4,5,6
>would probably be more efficient.

True .... probably easier to type, too!

> > I do a     SHow/DX    I get spots from all over the world.
> > Can DX Spider (with those filters set) dump non North American spots in 
> the bit
> > bucket?
> >
>Now this is a bit difficult. The answer is: yes it could - but - what
>happens if you want to override this behaviour? what if, as an average
>user, you have forgotten that you have such a filter on and are puzzled
>about why you see all these EU announces about some juicy DX and you
>can't see any reference to it in sh/dx?
>I have erred on the side of safety and given all information.
>You can sort of filter it by doing something like:-
>sh/dx on 20m by w dxcc
>I could add a keyword that makes sh/dx run the result thru your spot
>Could have a command or an alias that does it automatically (sh/dxf?).

A command or alias could work.  sh/dxf would output sh/dx using the users 
acc/spots filter.  That way the users who do want to see all 2000+ spots 
from all over the world can, and the ones who want zones 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 
spots can have them too.

I guess the question came from the old DOS Ak1a cluster.  From what I 
remember, you could set up a file with country numbers (from wpxloc) that 
would be the countries of origin that you want to accept spots from for 
users and DX.DAT.  But it would pass all spots on to the next node in line.

> > Would be nice if SHow/NODES could give a list of nodes that you have put
> > in, and
> > what kind of a node (ar, ak1a, spider, etc) it is.
> > SHow/NODES AR     all the ar nodes
> > SHow/NODES AK1A all the ak1a nodes      etc, etc, etc
> >
>This could be done, but is it really interesting? I can't remember the
>last time I did a SH/NODES. Afterall, getting upwards of a 1000 nodes
>on-line the result is  information overload.

Like SHow/BADWords it is not something that you would use every day.
"sh/node all" does show all nodes, but (except for previously definde 
nodes) it defines them all as AK1A.  5-4.99 is arcluster, 5-4.<55 is AK1A, 
5449 or 5450 is Spider, etc.  Could spider define the node by version?

73    Hank    K8DD

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