[Dxspider-support] If there is a "Wish List"

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Sat Sep 21 14:07:44 BST 2002

These are not new ...

I will discuss some of the issues...

On Sat, 2002-09-21 at 02:17, Hank Kohl K8DD wrote:
> If there is .....
> DX spots come down the screen - oldest at the top and newest at the bottom.
> SHow/DX is newest at the top and oldest at the bottom.
> Can SHow/DX put the oldest at the top and newest at the bottom.
>        I think it would help with NA and CT packet windows.

Not certain it will help NA and CT as they are designed (I presume) for
standard behaviour. However a flag could be created which determines the
order in which things like DIR, SH/DX etc display their output.

Is one flag enough? Because you will notice the DIR outputs stuff in the
opposite way to SH/DX and friends.

> Same for SHow/WWV & WCY
> DX spots beep but Talk's don't.
> Can Talk's do a double beep?

Not easily from the cluster nodes point of view. This is really a client
issue. If someone (not me) wants to write a better client, there is a
very simple protocol between client and node which I will be happy to
document and (if necessary) extend.

>        Announcements (EU Talk) can remain silent!

acc/ann by_zone 4,5,6
> When I'm connected to a node that sends all spots - from all over the world -
> I do a     SEt/FILTer node_default by_dxcc w,xe,ve,kp,kl
> and        SEt/FILTer user_default by_dxcc w,xe,ve,kp,kl
> it works fine .... users don't get spots outside of North America .... but when

acc/spots xxxx_default by_zone 4,5,6 

would probably be more efficient.

> I do a     SHow/DX    I get spots from all over the world.
> Can DX Spider (with those filters set) dump non North American spots in the bit
> bucket?

Now this is a bit difficult. The answer is: yes it could - but - what
happens if you want to override this behaviour? what if, as an average
user, you have forgotten that you have such a filter on and are puzzled
about why you see all these EU announces about some juicy DX and you
can't see any reference to it in sh/dx?

I have erred on the side of safety and given all information. 

You can sort of filter it by doing something like:-

sh/dx on 20m by w dxcc

I could add a keyword that makes sh/dx run the result thru your spot

Could have a command or an alias that does it automatically (sh/dxf?).

> Would be nice if SHow/NODES could give a list of nodes that you have put 
> in, and
> what kind of a node (ar, ak1a, spider, etc) it is.
> SHow/NODES AR     all the ar nodes
> SHow/NODES AK1A all the ak1a nodes      etc, etc, etc

This could be done, but is it really interesting? I can't remember the
last time I did a SH/NODES. Afterall, getting upwards of a 1000 nodes
on-line the result is  information overload.

Dirk G1TLH

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