[Dxspider-support] Re: Mrtg revisited

Le Boutillier, keith, D keith at gtonline.net
Fri Sep 27 10:36:41 BST 2002

Hi All

Owell  from one extreme to the other here struggling to get Digest-
SHA1 the other day on a windows system to now installing and 
getting MRTG up and running on a windows PC.

Spider Ver 1.50 now installed and running very well.

MRTG is running and Iam getting graphical data from cluster/MRTG 
I would be most great full if one of you Linux guys could forward 
me a copy of your 
MRTG.CFG and MRTG.PM  and any other file that is relevant so I can 
setup spider and MRTG correctly.


Keith GU6EFB 
e-mail gu6efb at gtonline.net


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