R: [Dxspider-support] help filtering

charlie carroll k1xx at ptcnh.net
Sat Sep 28 15:12:00 BST 2002

The channel option can be confusing.  With functions such as
"set/badnode" and "set/badspotter" it might be a good idea to drop
"channel" from the documents.  However, this is for Ian & Dirk to

I tested this yesterday.  My configuration was:

(spider node)  (spider node)
   W1HR >>>>>>>>  KB1H-3
               K1QX   K1XX-3

Each of the stations connected to KB1H-3 is a channel.  For example:
channel 0 = W1HR (node)
channel 1 = K1QX (user)
channel 2 = K1XX-3 (user)

The command would be:

accept/spots channel W1HR 

Does this help?

73 charlie, k1xx

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