[Dxspider-support] Cluster corrupted, how can I recover?

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Sun Aug 13 01:40:17 BST 2006

Charlie K1XX walked me through some stuff.

I was not able to get things going in the old directory, however:

- I was able to copy users_asc into the new installation and 
re-create the user settings
- I was able to to copy the "filters" and "spots" directories into 
the new installation.

The problem I saw was that it would try to connect to W1NR (my host) 
then Perl would peg the CPU meter at 100% (connection was never 
completed).  I could not connect to my node via telnet or client 
program, the connection was made but nothing was sent to the console window.

- Jim

At 03:39 PM 8/12/2006, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
>This morning something odd happened while trying to install VE7CC's
>CC Cluster.  I'm running WinXP SP2 with all patches.
>When I tried to start Spider, CPU usage (Perl executable) went to
>100%.  I thought it was Windows, re-installed the operating system
>from scratch, problem persisted.
>So I created a brand new Spider install (renamed the old directory,
>created a new one), and was finally able to get things going
>again.  However, all old data/user settings, etc. were lost.
>I still have the old (broken) spider directory.
>Any suggestions how I can recover what was lost?
>Thanks & 73 - Jim AD1C
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