[Dxspider-support] Telnet disconnects

Mike Lewis mlewis at digitalglobe.com
Tue Aug 29 15:26:47 BST 2006

No, the only changes were to port the software to another computer. In
doing that I also assume that I changed versions of Spider (since I just
went to the website and got the latest release at the time I was
building the new system up), but other than that, I cannot think of any
system changes...


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Have you recently installed any Linksys products in this data stream?


On 8/25/06, Mike Lewis <mlewis at digitalglobe.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I apologize if this is covered somewhere earlier in the archives, but 
> I was hoping it is a simple fix. Unfortunately, since I am writing 
> this email at work, I don't have access to my system at the moment to 
> be able to specify which version of Spider I am running either - it is

> something within the last few months but not the absolute most current

> version. Anyway, on to my specific issue.
> I I have been running a Spider Cluster for many years, and recently 
> re-hosted the system on a slightly more capable box (had been running 
> on an ancient 486 IBM laptop, moved to a Pentium MMX 166 MHz system). 
> I run a command line only install of Debian, and have had great luck
with Spider.
> Sometime after I moved to the new system I noticed that my telnet 
> connects that I use to connect the cluster myself would apparently 
> timeout. It appeared that the cluster thought I was still connected, 
> but running my telnet session using Putty from a Windoze box on my 
> local network (this is the way I have operated for years with no 
> issues) would always end up with no response to typed input after some

> amount of inactivity. Manually killing the session and reconnecting
always works, but then will eventually timeout.
> Connects using the actual local system console do not have this 
> problem. I have not tried to see if the behavior occurs when simply 
> telnet connected and not running Spider, or is Spider-specific.
> Anyone have any ideas of where to look for this?
> 73,
> Mike/KE0MF
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