[Dxspider-support] cluster sends prompt withoug doing anything

Frank Fleckenstein f.f at ade-vertrieb.de
Tue Oct 17 13:05:22 BST 2006


i set up our new Digi and Cluster any weeks before (db0nor-9 is 
reachable via IGATE also).

but now , after no big problems with DXSpider any users have this:

DM1CG de DB0NOR-9 17-Oct-2006 1003Z dxspider >
DX de LB8SE:    144052.0  LB8SE        cq dir s.east... qtf 165       1009Z
DX de OZ1CLL:   144300.0  DF0CI        jo51-jo65 cq to la-sm 59       1016Z
WCY de DK0WCY-3 <10> : K=2 expK=2 A=9 R=0 SFI=70 SA=qui GMF=qui Au=no
DX de OZ1DLD:   144052.0  LB8SE        heard you very weak in jo45rl  1018Z
DX de LB8SE:    144052.0  OZ1DID       ok pse try 2 call me           1021Z
DM1CG de DB0NOR-9 17-Oct-2006 1032Z dxspider >
DX de G8GXP:    144308.4  DF0CI        jo51<tr>io93 838kms 57 ufb     1035Z
DX de OZ1DLD:   144052.0  LB8SE        tnx qso Kato. but no condx. GL 1037Z
DX de LB8SE:    144052.0  OZ1DLD       tnx qso new sqr fer me :o) bur 1038Z
DM1CG de DB0NOR-9 17-Oct-2006 1049Z dxspider >
DX de M0ZLB:     50150.0  M0ZLB        listening!                     1051Z
DX de DK2RY:    144260.0  G4DEZ        55 JN59kn->jo03ae 851 km       1058Z
DX de PD0ORT:   144370.0  YU7EW        Pista tnx ms qso 1069/18 73 Wi 1101Z
DM1CG de DB0NOR-9 17-Oct-2006 1111Z dxspider >
WCY de DK0WCY-3 <11> : K=2 expK=2 A=9 R=0 SFI=70 SA=qui GMF=qui Au=no

between received dx spots (on vhf also, filter is set with  reject/spots 
on hf) there is the dxcluster
prompt  dm1cg de db0nor .....

he (dm1cg) is doing nothing at this time.. he doesn't hit enter ...this 
prompt coming from alone (bad english)

with my own callsign (dg3kce) i doesn't have this problem (i set no 
filter for the moment)..

has anybody ideas ??

vy 73 Frank DG3KCE

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