[Dxspider-support] cluster sends prompt withoug doing anything

Ian J Maude ian at gb7mbc.net
Tue Oct 17 14:48:50 BST 2006

Frank Fleckenstein wrote:
> Hi,
> i set up our new Digi and Cluster any weeks before (db0nor-9 is 
> reachable via IGATE also).
> but now , after no big problems with DXSpider any users have this:
> DM1CG de DB0NOR-9 17-Oct-2006 1003Z dxspider >
> DX de LB8SE:    144052.0  LB8SE        cq dir s.east... qtf 165       1009Z
> DX de OZ1CLL:   144300.0  DF0CI        jo51-jo65 cq to la-sm 59       1016Z
> WCY de DK0WCY-3 <10> : K=2 expK=2 A=9 R=0 SFI=70 SA=qui GMF=qui Au=no
> DX de OZ1DLD:   144052.0  LB8SE        heard you very weak in jo45rl  1018Z
> DX de LB8SE:    144052.0  OZ1DID       ok pse try 2 call me           1021Z
> DM1CG de DB0NOR-9 17-Oct-2006 1032Z dxspider >
The times between the prompts are quite normal Frank to my eyes.  Spider 
will send a keep alive frame every 11 minutes (by memory) to keep the 
user connected.  Looks ok to me from this example.


Ian J Maude - G0VGS
SysOp GB7MBC DXCluster

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