[Dxspider-support] Two different Spider nodes on the same Linux PC

Bela Markus ha5di at freemail.hu
Mon Jan 8 20:14:12 CET 2007


I would setup a BOX with XEN virtualization and would run two 
independent virtual machine on a single hardware.

Thw goo point, that XEN is part f the latest OpenSuSe or I think FEDORA 
CORE 6, so not a big pain to play with.

Regards... Béla, HA5DI

Luigi - IK5ZUK írta:
> Hello, and happy new year !
> I would like to run two different spider nodes on the same linux box, with
> different call, different inet port for incoming connections and of course
> with different config files. I've tryed to install two different spider on
> the same linux pc, but when I try to start up the second node, it hangs due
> to the lock file (spider/local/cluster.lck).
> Please Dirk, or someone that have experienced the same thing, could tell me
> more about this problem ??
> May be possible to run them ??
> 73's and TKS in advance !
> Luigi, ik5zuk
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