[Dxspider-support] How to update DX Spider?

Aurelio, PC5A/AA2WH aurelio at esrac.ele.tue.nl
Sat May 12 10:49:49 CEST 2007


While you are at it please update the various links in the installation 
part of the documentation as well. Last week I was forced to reinstall 
Spider from scratch at PI5EHV and was following the installation manual. 
Several links, in particular inthe CPAN section do not work... the files 
they link to even don't exist on the CPAN website, like TimeDate-2.27 :

Good luck with the updates!

73 Aurelio-PC5A

> However, it will shortly.  After not touching the manuals for years
> (sorry guys!) I am in a position to spend some time on them.  To that
> end, I am creating a wiki for all the spider documentation.  I need to
> get in what we have now first and then I will release it.  After that,
> hopefully we will be able to get things moving again.  All you
> translators out there can flex your fingers in readiness :-)
> Ian

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