[Dxspider-support] Again: How to update DX Spider ?

Ian J Maude ian at gb7mbc.net
Wed May 23 09:54:50 CEST 2007

Frank Fleckenstein wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> The manual is very old and not working .. And its impossible to find a 
> solution in this
> very old Mailing List ... Its better to install a Forum ?? This Mailing 
> list is unusable..
The manual is a little old I agree Frank.  This is why I am slowly 
turning it into a Wiki.  I would be very glad of your help improving 
it.  Once I have the manuals in wiki format, I will start to edit it to 
catch up with the very latest changes.  My apologies for the errors.
I am however concerned regarding the word spam.  I do not see any spam 
on this list, nor have I seen any since it's inception.  The list works 
remarkably well actually in my opinion and I actually responded myself 
to a similar query about updating only a couple of weeks ago in which I 
suggested using CVSlatest.tgz from http://www.dxcluster.org .
Again apologies for the errors which will be updated as soon as I get 
the time.

If you, or anyone else feels they can help me update the manuals, please 
contact me at ijm at gb7mbc.net and I would be happy for your assistance.  
This also goes for translations.

The wiki is at http://www.gb7mbc.net/spiderwiki

73 Ian
> 73 Frank DG3KCE
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