[Dxspider-support] Remote sysop'ing

Jim Snider w8bs at lexiann.com
Sun Feb 3 02:18:16 GMT 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 17:49 +0000, Dirk Koopman wrote:
> Jim Snider wrote:
> > I'm running the N8OJ node here at my house and I use my iBookrunning
> > MacloggerDX to watch the spots and log my operations.  I'm trying to
> > understand how to set up the sysop command from my linux box so I can do
> > sysop commands down on my iBook from the telnet session.
> > 
> What is N8OJ running on?

Version 1.54 build 199
Fedora 8 Linux

> 2. If you are on a local network then setup your sysop user with a 
> password and you should get your sysop privileges retained when you 
> login - but the password is sent in clear.
> 3. As two (i.e. set up a password) but logging in over radio, then you 
> will have to use the 'sysop' command which works like a net/rom node 
> login. You say sysop, the node returns five numbers, which are indexes 
> of letters in your password string, you type in sysop <list of 
> corresponding letters> in the correct order. The "clever" bit is that 
> you can intersperse those letters with any other letters, it will let 
> you in if it sees the five letters it asked for in the correct order 
> somewhere in the string of letters that you return.

In DXVars.pm, node call is N8OJ and W8BS is the sysop.

If I do sysop from the mac, it returns a group of numbers but I don't
know what the password is.  Is there someplace I can view it, or
how can I set it?


Jim Snider W8BS
w8bs at lexiann.com

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