[Dxspider-support] Double talks

Steve IK4WMH ik4wmh at virgilio.it
Sun Feb 3 18:59:34 GMT 2008

Hello Dirk,

Saturday, February 2, 2008, 10:19:36 PM, you wrote:

DK> You only get double talks for locally connected users, an incoming
DK> talk from another node going to a local user will only have one
DK> logging message.

In my original message I was asking why dxspider now behaves like

I am always connected but I am often away from the pc, with the SH/T I
used to check if some friends sent me talks and infos while I was
away...I was previously able to see the last 20 talks, now I get the
last 10, each one duplicate.

Dirk, is there a good reason for the latest dxspider versions to act
that way?

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