[Dxspider-support] ubuntu 7.4 feasty fawn

Danny moss ddm at ddmcomputers.com
Sat Feb 16 09:37:48 GMT 2008

Hi Group,

I am in the process of changing all my FBB BBS, TNOS, Dxspider and 
everything over to another computer running ubunta 7.4 but I cannot 
compile sysop.pl file and I get all these errors.
I cannot even run cluster.pl.
It is a new install of 7.4

Is there somebody on the listthat could help me get this going so I can 
add some axport to my DXspider at the moment my main Dxspider is running 
fine on Fedora core 6 but would like to run it with FBB BBS and the node 
on Ubuntu.
So if somebody could walk me through this setup it would be very much 

Best Regards
Danny Moss

Email: ddm at lnx-vk7hdm.dnsalias.org
Web: http://www.ddmcomputers.com

VK7HDM-2 Dxspider Telnet port 7300 or pont your web 
browser to http://www.ddmcomputers.com/cgi-bin/spider.cgi
VK7HDM-6 Tnos vk7hdm.ampr.org ip: Telnet, www, ax25, 
axip, axudp, converse, pop3, smtp, ftp, mail
linked to VK7HDM-8 Flexnet node Under FBB BBS VK7HDM-9
VK7HDM-7 Xrouter gw-vk7hdm.ampr.org ip: Telnet, www, 
ax25, axip, axudp, chat server, ftp, router
linked to VK7HDM-8 Flexnet node Under FBB BBS VK7HDM-9

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