[Dxspider-support] ubuntu 7.4 feasty fawn

Stephen M. Murphy murphys at comcast.net
Sat Feb 16 11:08:39 GMT 2008

You'll need to install the 'c' compiler to build the client program 
(sudo apt-get install build-essential), but it sounds as though you 
haven't quite gotten to that point yet. 

Have you installed the perl stuff mentioned in the installation manual, 
and made the necessary changes to the configuration files?

Another thing that comes to mind is to check where you're directories 
are... they should be at ./spider/*... if they're at 
./home/username/spider/*, you'll get all sorts of errors unless you make 
some changes to the code... I found it quicker and easier to simply move 
everything to ./ as root and then change the permissions.

I have two nodes running, one is telnet-only and runs under Xubuntu 7.04 
(Ubuntu with XFCE rather than Gnome), the other has packet and telnet 
and runs under Debian Etch.  I'd be happy to send you copies of any of 
my config files, if that would be of help to you.


Steve N8NM

Danny moss wrote:
> Hi Group,
> I am in the process of changing all my FBB BBS, TNOS, Dxspider and 
> everything over to another computer running ubunta 7.4 but I cannot 
> compile sysop.pl file and I get all these errors.
> I cannot even run cluster.pl.
> It is a new install of 7.4
> Is there somebody on the listthat could help me get this going so I can 
> add some axport to my DXspider at the moment my main Dxspider is running 
> fine on Fedora core 6 but would like to run it with FBB BBS and the node 
> on Ubuntu.
> So if somebody could walk me through this setup it would be very much 
> appreciated.

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