[Dxspider-support] ubuntu 7.4 feasty fawn

Danny moss ddm at ddmcomputers.com
Sat Feb 16 11:26:08 GMT 2008

Stephen M. Murphy wrote:
> You'll need to install the 'c' compiler to build the client program 
> (sudo apt-get install build-essential), but it sounds as though you 
> haven't quite gotten to that point yet. 
> Have you installed the perl stuff mentioned in the installation manual, 
> and made the necessary changes to the configuration files?
> Another thing that comes to mind is to check where you're directories 
> are... they should be at ./spider/*... if they're at 
> ./home/username/spider/*, you'll get all sorts of errors unless you make 
> some changes to the code... I found it quicker and easier to simply move 
> everything to ./ as root and then change the permissions.
> I have two nodes running, one is telnet-only and runs under Xubuntu 7.04 
> (Ubuntu with XFCE rather than Gnome), the other has packet and telnet 
> and runs under Debian Etch.  I'd be happy to send you copies of any of 
> my config files, if that would be of help to you.
> 73,
> Steve N8NM
HI Steve,
Thank you for your reply.

Ok I have all the spider stuff is in the home/sysop/spider but I have 
made a simbolic link as on the setup web page

I have edited this file with the same stuff that I have running on fedora so they match DXVars.pm 

I could only download two of the cpan program from the links on the web 
page that was



only one of these would compile the other gave a lot of errors and failed
But I would love to have a look at your config files thank you very much
I will go and google  for the other missing files.


Thank you

Best Regards
Danny Moss

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