[Dxspider-support] Starting DXSpider...'error' messages?. Also BPQ32 issues.

Ron Stordahl ron_n5in at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 24 17:42:45 GMT 2008

I have installed on W2K Active Perl 5.10.0 build 1002, and then DXSpider v 1.54 build 0.201.  My main purpose was to test the latest BPQ32, testing both the DLL and AGWtoBPQ (AGWPE emulator) interfaces.

When I start DXSpider thus:
> perl cluster.pl
I get these two lines which I don't understand:

Prototype mismatch: sub Msg::F_GETFL <> vs none t <eval 9> line 1.
Prototype mismatch: sub Msg::F_SETFL <> vs none t <eval 10> line 1.

Then it continues and appears to start DXS just fine.

With the most recent, not yet released, version of BPQ32 I am able to use BPQ32 successfully with either the DLL or AGWtoBPQ interfaces.

The only issue I see is that when using the AGWtoBPQ interface, DXSpider requires that it be already running when Spider is started, and if AGWtoBPQ is later cancelled, Spider does not attempt to reconnect to it as it should if AGWtoBPQ be restarted.    

Ideally DXS should, when starting (when configured to use AGWtoBPQ) if it cannot make the connection it should swiftly continue on, and then periodically attempt a connection to AGWtoBPQ, perhaps every 2 minutes.  Later if it has been connected, but AGWtoBPQ is cancelled, it should drop the associated users, but try to reconnect to AGWtoBPQ periodically.  The big advantage of this procedure is that existing telnet users will continue without interuption, yet BPQ32 can be reconfigured, cancelled and restarted.  Also in as much as AGWtoBPQ could be running on a remote machine, one must expect that the link could be interupted and restored.

Ron, N5IN
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