[Dxspider-support] Starting DXSpider...'error' messages?. Also BPQ32 issues.

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 20:55:39 GMT 2008


I have not tried this particular version of perl on Windows. I would 
appreciate it if you could give me some more context for the errors that 
you see. These are new to me.

Also, as of 0.205, there is now a native BPQ interface for Windows 
machines (only), supplied by the man himself. You will find the (rather 
sparse) instructions in /spider/txt.

And you are probably right about retrying the connection. I will look at 


Ron Stordahl wrote:
> I have installed on W2K Active Perl 5.10.0 build 1002, and then DXSpider 
> v 1.54 build 0.201.  My main purpose was to test the latest BPQ32, 
> testing both the DLL and AGWtoBPQ (AGWPE emulator) interfaces.
> When I start DXSpider thus:
>  > perl cluster.pl
> I get these two lines which I don't understand:
> Prototype mismatch: sub Msg::F_GETFL <> vs none t <eval 9> line 1.
> Prototype mismatch: sub Msg::F_SETFL <> vs none t <eval 10> line 1.
> Then it continues and appears to start DXS just fine.
> With the most recent, not yet released, version of BPQ32 I am able to 
> use BPQ32 successfully with either the DLL or AGWtoBPQ interfaces.
> The only issue I see is that when using the AGWtoBPQ interface, DXSpider 
> requires that it be already running when Spider is started, and if 
> AGWtoBPQ is later cancelled, Spider does not attempt to reconnect to it 
> as it should if AGWtoBPQ be restarted.  
> Ideally DXS should, when starting (when configured to use AGWtoBPQ) if 
> it cannot make the connection it should swiftly continue on, and then 
> periodically attempt a connection to AGWtoBPQ, perhaps every 2 minutes.  
> Later if it has been connected, but AGWtoBPQ is cancelled, it should 
> drop the associated users, but try to reconnect to AGWtoBPQ 
> periodically.  The big advantage of this procedure is that existing 
> telnet users will continue without interuption, yet BPQ32 can be 
> reconfigured, cancelled and restarted.  Also in as much as AGWtoBPQ 
> could be running on a remote machine, one must expect that the link 
> could be interupted and restored.
> Ron, N5IN
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