[Dxspider-support] MixW

Klaus Heintzenberg dj6rx at t-online.de
Wed Jan 9 14:33:03 GMT 2008

Hi Lee,

meanwhile using 'wireshark' I located the originating IP and traced that back
to a DK1-call, a regular user.
Unfortunately this guy has no known e-mail address, an unlisted phone number and
does not read cluster mails...

Anyway is there any means to do this automatic lockout of bothering IPs
also with DXSPIDER as you describe on your WEB Page?

73, Klaus

>MixW can and does cause a huge amount of trouble for Cluster sysops.
>Improper setting of parameters in MixW causes this problem.

>Sysops see the following as a user callsign "GET /DXS//HFDX25.HTML?
>HTTP/1.1". This repeats for hours on end.

>Nodes running my winsock.exe program do not have this problem as it
>automatically locks out any IP that does this.

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